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Sep 27, 2018

The Tillamook Bay Navel air base is the sight of an airman looking for a way home. The Hunter's Point Shipyard is the site of tortured souls both man and animal.

Sep 20, 2018

The Ouija board mystery is the story of a double murder that takes place in a small coastal town and is solved by a Ouija Board 

Sep 13, 2018

This episode of True mysteries of the Pacific Northwest features Oregon's Malhuer Butte and the Goblin sightings there. From Malhuer True mysteries travels to Idaho and visits the ghost of Jack the Ripper.

Sep 6, 2018

This is a story of ten thousand dollars of Confederate gold that was buried at midnight a week after the end of the civil war and the effort of the young man who buried it to locate it, to no end. The gold remains buried in a field known only to the writer of the story.